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  1. ROCKTEST.doc
  2. Short guide to test rock for metal bearing ores

  3. Why crush rock.doc
  4. Why some people crush and evaluate hard dock deposits

  5. mineral zones.doc
  6. Simple tips using certain plants that need high mineralization to grow, using Google earth, etc to increase your chances of finding a good location

  7. FLOAT GOLD.doc
  8. Tips of using "float gold" to look for the source of the vein or outcrop

  9. oredump.pdf
  10. 3 pgs, digging through the old ore dumps looking for good stuff!

  11. placer claims.pdf
  12. 56 pgs Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology 2002. Every thing you need to know about staking a placer claim (In Nevada at least)

  13. AZ gold placers.pdf
  14. Arizona Gold placer primary locations, 65 pgs (reprinted 1981

  15. Nevada_Mining_Districts.pdf
  16. VERY extensive information with maps of every mining district in Nevada, mines, productions, etc.

  17. Mohave placer locations.doc
  18. A 2 page short list of the better places in Mohave County Arizona for placer deposits

  19. anthills.pdf
  20. How to let the ants "prospect" for you!

  21. azsignifdeposits.xls
  22. Significant Excel file on the top 115 mining deposits in Arizona. Chart expands greatly to the right. Includes Production, post production, tonnage, reserves, type of rock, type of ores, etc.

  23. How to Mine and Prospect for Placer Gold.doc
  24. 19 pages by J.M. West. All about placer mining and deposits, sampling,etc. Bureau of Mines publication, Information Circular 8517

  25. California Gold Region 6.doc
  26. Info on 6 of the gold regions of California. 14 pages