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  1. black sand recovery.pdf
  2. Method for recovering fine gold from black sands

  3. cleaning concentrates.doc
  4. Another method for cleaning up concentrates

  5. vinegar and salt method.doc
  6. A great way to clean up black sands that may contain values that don't readily show up

  7. Leaching-Gold-and-Silver-Ores.pdf
  8. A comprehensive book on methods of leaching gold and silver ores. 281 pgs, C.H. Aaron (1881 original print.

  9. silver.pdf
  10. Extraction of Silver, 10 pgs, 1895, revised 1939

  11. Acids and Bases.doc
  12. A 6 page file on the different types of acids and bases, what you need them for, different chemical reactions, etc. Good to know!

  13. Assaying and Smelting.doc
  14. A 9 page file explains different types of assays and how to do them. Also explains about fluxes and smelting the gold dore bar or prill. Explains about how to do a field assay. (That is, if you have something to crush the rock down quickly!)

  15. Black Sand.doc
  16. A 5 page file, goes in to "black sand" and why people lose values by tossing it out without crushing and assaying samples. Many never heard of Tellurides. This file goes in to the different kinds, and some can hold 20 to 40 percent gold or silver by weight. If it's in the bottom of the pan, and non magnetic, best keep it!

  17. Colorimetric Assay of Gold.doc
  18. 11 pages. As the name says.. and more on "assay" , quantitative and Qualitative analysis of assay materials, using things like spectrograph and methods of different chemicals to get different colors of the liquids to tell you what you may have there, and hopefully the quantity and quality of the sample.

  19. Filtering.doc
  20. 6 pages. You would not think someone could write 6 pages about filters, but when you have literally hundreds of types of filters, and each with their own function and properties, well it's not a good day if you use something too porous or too dense.

  21. Melting and Smelting.doc
  22. Quick 2 pages, The difference between the two, and what you need to know to be successful at it.

  23. Rules of Solubility.doc
  24. Short and Sweet! 2 Pages. What will disolve in which acid and what won't. Pretty much a "must have" in the Lab!

  25. Super Clorox.doc
  26. 2 pages, making a "super clorox" as a reducing agent.

  27. Using Mercury.doc
  28. 6 pages. All about Mercury, how to use it, how to make charged mercury, and just a great how to article!

  29. Weights and Measures.doc
  30. 3 pages. Good info! Learn why labs use the metric system, conversions, etc. I use the metric system 90 percent of the time in the lab, and sometimes in the shop. I find it easier to measure something at 85mm than xx/64th's. It's just quicker at times.

  31. How to Build and Operate a Miller Table.pdf
  32. 24 "How To" on building your own Miller Table for cleaning up fine concentrates, By Gary Weishaupt. A nice design, and if you have the time it's well worth the efforts

  33. 1891 Getting Gold.doc
  34. Extensive book (130 pages!) first published in 1891 by J.C. Johnson, deals with mostly stamp mills but has a lot of info on methods of finding ores, concentrating, crushing, processing, etc.

  35. diy-shaker table.pdf
  36. 11 pages, including pictures to build a mini hand crank shaker table. says it will to "micron gold" like 150 mesh and finer.

  37. gold spiral build kit.pdf
  38. Build your own gold spiral! 8 pages with diagrams. Some parts you will need to purchase, some you can make, some you can scrounge!